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Maternity doctor in aundh pune

In today’s era it has now become very important to focus on maternal health  issue as due to increase in pollution and bad lifestyle the hormonal imbalance and other health issues are very badly effected and as far it is concern to preganant women it requires a lot of care ,a baby’s health depends upon the health of the mother , for that regular visits to doctors are required who can diagnose the risk and can provide the best medical care and further risk can be minimized today with the advancement of technology tests can be done easily and treatment can be given accordingly .


Many women ignores the aspect of maternal health related issyes and see several bad effects of it after the delivery , especially in remote areas it has been noted that many womens  are not aware of the risk of not maintaining the proper maternal health . aspects such as cleanliness and balnced lifestyle is ignored which  directly effects the health of the mother as well as the newborn .


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