Female Infertility Treatment

Female Infertility Treatment In Aundh Pune

We offer new hope to these patients through assisted reproductive technologies (ART), fertility treatments that involve working with the egg and sperm.

techniques for achieving successful pregnancies, including:

We offer a sincere and passionate commitment to helping all women who are seeking a successful pregnancy, even those cases where infertility treatments were unsuccessful in the past.

Fertility Preservation surgery

We understand that each patient’s situation is unique, and we create an individualized treatment plan to address your specific needs and answer your questions such as:

  • How does my specific cancer treatment affect my fertility?
  • Are the effects temporary or permanent?
  • When should I talk to a fertility preservation specialist?
  • As a parent, how can I protect the future fertility of my child?

Time is often critical when making decisions about fertility preservation so it is important to address the hard questions, and be aware of the options.

Treatment Options for Women

Infertility is often a side effect of life-saving cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation or as a result of delayed childbearing. Our medical fertility preservation program assists women who wish to retain their potential to have children in the future by freezing (cryopreserving) their eggs (oocytes) or fertilized eggs (embryos) for use in future pregnancies. Ovarian tissue may also be preserved depending on patient circumstances and age.

Treatment for Men

Male fertility can be harmed by the surgical removal of the testicles or by chemotherapy or radiation that damages sperm quantity, quality or DNA. Sperm banking is especially important for men or adolescent boys who are about to undergo chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer.

Elective fertility preservation includes semen analysis, preimplantation genetic testing and intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

Today, new technology is available that preserves the ovaries or oocytes before undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, enabling women to get the treatment needed for survival while offering new hope for fertility after cancer.

Four treatment strategies are currently available to help women preserve their fertility before undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. The suitability of each treatment option depends on the individual patient.